There is this wonderful reality that stories teach more than statements. They connect with us on a deep level, and shape and form who we are in ways we can’t always explain. Maybe this is why the Bible is full of stories. The Book of Ruth is a story about some people who lived on the other side of the world over 3,000 years ago, and yet it's a story about us. It’s the story of how we are too often self-reliant people who struggle to trust God when times are hard. It’s the story of how life often takes unexpected turns and how God is at work to subversively destroy the stereotypes and divisions we have allowed to separate us from one another. But ultimately, Ruth is a story that reflects a larger story. It’s the story of a God who offers not just momentary redemption in this world for some, but ultimate redemption in this world for all. Join us for this series and be enthralled, captivated, and transformed by the Loss, Love & Legacy we find in the story of Ruth!


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